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Teafields collection is an assortment of traditional blends, single origin teas and some wonderful infusions. All have been carefully selected with the single objective of providing the perfect cup of tea. Available in loose leaf form or in fuso teabags.  The Teafields collection represents a new era in the relationship people have with drinking tea.

The guys behind Teafields spent many years travelling the globe, interacting with some of the most fascinating tea producers and drinking many phenomenal cups of teas.  They had that privilege, for the last decade, in their roles as buyers for some of the most prestigious tea & coffee departments in the world with the sole objective of buying and serving the best cup of tea. It was that drive for perfection and love for this wonderful beverage that brought about the creation of Teafields.  

Teafields goal has always been to make quality teas more accessible, more relevant and ultimately more personal.

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