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Coffee beans and tea leaves

We don’t do PR speak so well, we aren’t that clued up on social media as a marketing tool.  What we do well is understanding our customer’s needs and what we are clued up on is our products. 


We have carefully chosen all the brands we supply.  We only carry products which we believe in, which we love ourselves and which we would be happy to serve in our own coffee shop if we were to have one.


We have been trading since 2003 and we have built our reputation on the quality of products we provide and the high levels of personalised service we deliver.


Initially our main focus was coffee with our Italian Roasted brand Caffe Molinari. However, we felt it was a shame that tea always seemed to be a bit of an after thought.  So we searched for suitable brands to compliment our coffee offering.  When we first spotted La Via Del Tè in a boutique shop in Modena, Italy whilst on supplier visits back in 2008 we fell in love with both the exquisitely designed packaging and the quality of the whole leaf teas.  We immediately knew we had to have this premium brand as part of our offering.  We started discussions with the Carrai family and are pleased to have been their sole UK and Ireland distributor ever since. That was our high end product sorted but we needed something a little more suited for the everyday.  After tasting 100’s and I do mean 100’s of different teas by far the best was Ridgways and their whole range is Fairtrade to boot so that was a bonus.  In recent years consumer’s tastes have become even more refined and we felt the need for a tea range which was in essence the best of both worlds; still premium whole leaf teas but at a more accessible price and so we began working with Teafields.   


It hasn’t only been tea consumer’s whose tastes have changed.  The third wave in coffee brought about a greater demand for artisanal coffees, single origins & local roasts.  We couldn’t ignore our customer’s needs and so Eaton & Bird was born.  We are very proud and excited to work with a roaster just on the outskirts of London with whom we have developed a range of single origin and blends which are roasted twice a week.


It doesn’t just stop at coffee and tea.  We also supply hot chocolate, flavouring syrups, frappes, smoothies, sugars, disposables and machinery and barista equipment. 


We work closely with all our customers providing regular front end servicing whether the equipment is ours or yours, quarterly training sessions for your team and friendly professional advice to help support your business.  After all your success is our success.

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