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A selection of ethically sourced single origins and expertly crafted blends roasted locally by our partner in South West London.


Over 100 years ago Thomas Eaton and Richard Bird were hard working merchants, sourcing local produce to sell to their communities.  They knew the provenance of their stock; they knew their customers by name. I like to think that their passion for sourcing and selling top quality products has passed down through the generations to their great great granddaughter.


As a coffee lover with nearly 2 decades in the coffee and tea industry, following the changing trends in the coffee market, the time came to get back to my families roots and develop our own range of naturally farmed, locally roasted coffees.


The coffee drinker of today is more discerning, we want to know where our coffee beans have come from, we want to know that they have been farmed in a sustainable and fair way, we want to support our local businesses but we also want a great tasting cup of coffee.


So we’ve teamed up with a local South London roaster to develop a range of great tasting coffees.  Our beans are all naturally farmed, ethically certified and then expertly roasted for freshness and great taste.


We know where our coffee comes from and we know it tastes good.  We really hope you think so too.

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